An investment solution to suit your individual needs

We use the services of independent organisations with excellent credentials to provide us with scientific research into asset allocation and fund selection. By calling on a range of experts we do not have to make one solution fit all. We can help you if you are looking for a more specialised approach or if you prefer our structured portfolio solutions.

Evidence-based investing

We believe performance is driven by diversification, investment term and low cost of implementation.

Diversification, the spreading of investments across different asset classes, gives you the ability to manage risk. It also generates a return above cash and inflation over the medium to long term.

Not all eggs in one basket

Allocating a portfolio strategically will more than likely determine the majority of a portfolio’s return and do so in an efficient way for each individual’s given risk comfort zone.

You need to allow time

Investment values fluctuate in the short term. Investors very often buy high and sell low. Trading in this way increases cost and potentially risk. A longer-term approach increases the probability of garnering the reward for a given level of risk.

Keeping a handle on cost

The more you change the more cost you incur. For most of our clients, the use of index investing as part of an efficiently structured portfolio can satisfy investment goals while keeping a handle on the costs that can blunt performance. Many costs incurred in investments with active fund managers remain undisclosed and can lead to underperformance. These costs increase the more the turnover in a portfolio.

In our experience it pays to follow the evidence and the more scientific approach …
… and to keep your nerve.